Websites Iraq-Related

Important Iraq-related websites (2003)

Coalition Provisional Authority
Occupation authority led by Paul Bremer.

UN: Iraq
Includes information on Security Council actions, agencies' humanitarian efforts, and the UNMOVIC and IAEA inspections.

Occupation Watch
Monitors military occupation forces and foreign corporations in Iraq.
U.S. State Department: Iraq Update
Includes special reports, fact sheets, and official statements.

Iraq Reconstruction Task Force
From the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Guiding Principles for U.S. Post-Conflict Policy in Iraq
Report designed to promote reconstruction and reconciliation in Iraq and build a more secure Middle East after a possible military conflict. From Rice University.

USAID: Assistance for Iraq
Overview of U.S. humanitarian aid to Iraq.

U.S. Library of Congress Country Study - Iraq
Includes a country profile, and sections on Iraq's geography, society, military, economy, and government. From the U.S. Library of Congress.

Books - Iraq-Related

Francona, Rick (1999): Ally to Adversary : An Eyewitness Account of Iraq's Fall from Grace. United States Naval Institute
The author tries to explain what happened to the virtual alliance with Iraq in 1987-88 and how it deteriorated in the Gulf War. Author's Website



General Sites, Portals & Miniportals

Categorized Iraq-related Links
A large collection of links, organized in categories.

Iraq for you
The site describes itself and its mission as follows: The site "brings all Iraqi people on the Internet closer together, a place to make you feel at home. (...) We prefer not to indulge in religious and political discussions; but rather focus on Iraq's culture, people and art, something we all love and miss dearly."
Sections: music, videos, poetry, jokes, chat rooms, for singles, discussions, shopping, images, news, links.

Iraqi Pages - Iraq: The Land and The People
The site has a large picture collection of 20th century Iraq. Updated Iraqi and Middle East news, information, chat, music, searchable categorized links to Iraq-related sites, and more.

Iraq Resource Information Site (I.R.I.S.)
Comprehensive information site about almost every aspect of Iraq
(history, culture, people, archeology, Islam, mythology, current events,
oppression, as well as numerous documents, pictures, sounds,
and movies.)

Uruk - Iraqi Government Main Website
General Info about Iraq and a variety of links.

Government - Iraqi Government

Uruk - Iraqi Government Main Website
Ministries, the National Assembly, The Presidential Palace, and more.

Government - Iraqi Government - Media

Iraqi Official Media at Iraq2000 Website
A variety of newspapers and magazines (Babil, Al-Baath AlRyadhi, Al-Zawraa, Nabdh Al-Shabab, Al-Talaba, Al-Elaam, Alwan, Al-Maweed, Al-Raee, Al-Eqtisadi, Al-Etihad, Al-Tameem)

Iraqi Official Media at Uruk Website
Papers, magazines and Iraq Satellite TV.

Government - Iraqi Government - Permanent Iraqi Mission to UN

Permanent Iraqi Mission to the United Nations

Middle East

Suite 101 - Middle East (Editor: Rick Francona)
Political-military subjects throughout the Middle East, with a focus
on Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran, as well as
the impact of events on Israel.





Iraq Daily
General news and information about Iraq (Elegant and well-organized site - powered by portal)

Radio Free Iraq Service / Radio free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL)


American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
Click here for info about AFSC Iraq Program.

Association of Iraqi Academics


INDICT Campaign

Iraq Activists - Contact Address

Iraq Liberation Action Committee

Iraqi Al-Amal Association
A non-political, non-sectarian association of volunteer’s actively
engaged in projects for the benefit and the well being of the Iraqi population.
(Current project: Al-Amal Hospital in Arbil)

Iraqi Forum For Democracy (IFD)

Operation Desert Haven
A group of citizens based in Birmingham, UK have come together to create Operation Desert Haven.
Operation Desert Haven has both a short term and a long term focus.
In the long term Operation Desert Haven wishes to see non-combatants left out of violent confrontations

Organizations at Iraq2000 Website
Several organizations: Iraqi Olympic Committee, trade unions, students, youth, and more.

The Iraq Foundation

UN Office of Oil for Food Programme

Voices in the Wilderness


Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM)

The Constitutional Monarchy Movement

Iraqi Communist Party (ICP)

Iraqi Democratic Union

Iraqi National Accord

Iraqi National Congress (INC)

Islamic Da'wah Party (IDP)

The Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iraq

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)

Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)

The Worker Communist Party of Iraq


Irak Land
Personal homepage of Zeki Hindawi.

Iraqi Jews - Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

Personal Websites & Webpages

"The Spirit of Mesopotamia"
Saad Farage's Website and novel.

Vicky Andrada
Iraq-related Info and links.


Baghdad - Russian satellite images of Baghdad - 1991


CANESI/RCLSCI - The Canadian Network To End Sanctions on Iraq
A network of organizations and individuals in Canada who are
compelled to respond to the injustice, death and suffering
in Iraq that result from the UN sanctions.
Info, documents, photos in English and French.

Nova Scotia Campaign to End Iraq Sanctions

The Price Is Worth It
Clips from Madelaine Albright's famous interview
(select a version to download - recommended)

The Price Is Worth It
Video clip from Madelaine Albright's famous interview
(this downloads the clip directly to your computer)

Vietnam Veterans Against War (VVAW)
A petition drive among vets calling for an end to Sanctions.

War Crimes

United States War Crimes Against Iraq
A Report to the Commission of Inquiry for the International War Crimes Tribunal by Ramsey Clark and Others.