What is this site, this "Official Portal of..." etc...?

Friend, bless you, this is not a portal like Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, etc. This is the JOURNAL of my workshop, of my daily transactions, hopes, nightmares, productions, joyous moments, permanent learning, of the vast many things I love, justice above all, and things I resist, injustice above all.

And it is the STORE, cellar, shop, secret garden, bodega, vitrine, exhibition, display of my products, the result of my strict and logical lineality and of my hyper, errant, chaotic and restless soul, sensuality, emotionality and endless questions.

Who am I? You may ask. I am that distant introverted Kirkukian boy who loved to walk on those vast furiously hot plains of Al-Musalah, kicking the dust and hitting a flint stone with a piece of iron, with an intense desire to make a sphere out of it, a stone marble; and he always succeeded in producing a lovely, hard and smooth little ball, bearing patterns and textures of the earth, of the universe.

Your Anurin