Fundamentals, Vision and Mission of this Site

Al-Ghassani Network consists of five websites. This site where you are now is my official personal website. The other four cover other areas and content (Literature and arts, Internet, an e-zine, the university where I work). See list below.

The design of this site follows the concept of web portal, a site that offers multiple information.

This site contains samples from my work. It also informs about my ongoing production and future production projects.

The site is in permanent growth and change. In a way, it is always "under construction". Any content added to the site is considered a project. Projects may start with a complete document or with an idea, a title or an empty file. As time passes, they develop, grow and mature. The site may also be seen as an incubation space where projects are nurtured and grown. It is also my showcase, bookshelf, store, warehouse, archive, my notebook, my work journal, my virtual home and garden, etc. Nowhere in the physical world, neither at home nor at work, do I have such a generous space and unlimited freedom to arrange my things in the way I want them to be arranged and displayed.

I am in charge of designing, updating and maintaining the site. So, I am responsible for all the virtues that I hope the site has, and for all defects and and shortcomings of which I am sure there are plenty.

Most of the content is original. There are also links to useful content on other sites. The visualizing of content from other sites is done correctly, i.e. the source is always acknowledged and it is never incorporated as content of this site.

Link exchange policy: reciprocity. You put a link to this site on your site and I will reciprocate by putting a link to your site on this site.

Anwar Al-Ghassani            Comments

Websites of Al-Ghassani Network:

http://al-ghassani.net (Official Personal Portal of Anwar Al-Ghassani)
http://manuel.al-ghassani.net (Website of Manuel Salam Al-Ghassani)
http://internet-center.al-ghassani.net (Internet Center Munira Sayyed Tahir)
http://iraq.al-ghassani.net (Research Project: Contemporary Iraqi Culture And Media)
http://academia.al-ghassani.net (Academic Activities At The University of Costa Rica)
http://literature-arts.al-ghassani.net (Iraqi, Arab And International Poets, Writers, And Artists)
http://al-ghassani.net/blog (official blog)