Parisian Graffiti (2nd draft)

For Nacer Ouabbou

We, belated graffiti soldiers,
leisurely cross Paris,
preventing this estranged Atlantic city
from going out of ourselves.

Long after Le Semaine Sanglante,
we arrive at the Communards´ Wall
at Père Lachaise cemetery,
eerily decorated and low,
where they put in our trousers
the shells of the execution bullets.

What a comeback!
Softness of the Seine
overrides the shouts at the wall.
Their lukewarm words,
swarming over Belleville
of La Commune de Paris,
have vanished.

We paint a circle around the spot
as saxophone tunes secure the scene.

From: German Poems, 2006
Poet: Anwar Al-Ghassani
Written in: San José, Costa Rica
Date: May 17, 2006
Original language: English
Translated from:
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