LVT - A Non-Nonsensical description - I  

Demonstratively, your body is the minutest.

It desires to be exposed to the suns that wake you up;
to survive springs of hail and rain outbursts;
to be offered to fountains or drift with mountain torrents.

Minutest creation! Internally heavy,
appreciative of the worthy -- Leady center of gravity,
always at a distance from mental confusion.
An ancient feel for quality invites us to kissing,
to sleep will-lessly in trains metamorphosing in void,
available as silent habitat.

No temple, no priestess.
It is not you who faces the pink rays.
My soul senses your heaviness;
I reconstruct you, feathery light, in my arms.


In unadulterated visions
of every day and each landscape,
you are the face that fits
into micro worlds, forming and dissolving,
only to return as packages we call:
life works, calamities, hopes and serial crashes.

You are embedded in mind´s landscape:
Honey-brown eyes, painted lips, proud face,
plump and cosy being, appearance and reality.
I approach your wealth:
Girlish hair, femininely celebrative,
appetizing transparency, perfumed bio breath,
your skin, under magnifying lens, smooth as of an apple.


You conserve the statistics of our mutual touches,
a collection of rose oil jars
and a
string of diminutive words
assigned to objects you adore.
They are your shield and support
as the gate opens and you walk away
into the space we have declared a prison.

Anwar Al-Ghassani
Berlin, Café Sociale, Thursday, July 22, 2004