High-Level Entertainment

Your body is again evoking ideas.
The crippled is walking in the fiesta.
Angels and demons are eulogizing your life:

- You thought the cloud mountain,
a tower piercing the sky, is a refuge.

- You exhibited your bears,
shuffling in the morning with their wet paws.

- And, oh,
you widened your vocabulary,
attaching more
… sin-sin, sin-sisin, sin-sin ... suffixes,
to the names of your bears,
to make them tinier,
to speak out, tease and savour words,
your way.

- You lightened up darkened souls
with a slideshow of you running
under a hail storm.

- And exposed triumphant lovers
on a screen across the horizon line.
And gave us a glimpse into the scene
of winged angels in robes,
ascending, descending
over abandoned factories.


Now, a voice is telling you:
But you, the neglected,
can neither expand beyond the planet
nor create new colors,
for your hour has arrived
to throw the farewell party,
your project of momentary fashion show.


Isn´t this what we all desire?
To wait at a closed door
until rain falls and structures crumble.

Anwar Al-Ghassani
San José, Tuesday, August 10, 2004