Reporting and reasoning about matter and Geist, their union, unity with nature, and the social, cultural and historical manifestations of the effort to attain unity and peace of mind.
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Academic Articles, Studies And Research

  Essay - Hyperautobiographies on The Web - Definitions, Related Genres, Hyper-Scripting     
  Communication Science and Mass Communication Science: Some Reflections
  Blueprint for a Theory of Mass Communication for Peace - Research Proposal  
  Guía para la investigación básica en Comunicación
  Proyecto de aplicación - Observatorio de Medios  
  Proyecto de investigación - Cultura iraquí
  The Miracle of Medellín - Impressions & Reflections (XV. International Poetry Festival of Medellín, June 24-July 2, 2005 (Essay)  
  Link to Resources at Internet Center
  Entrevista con Anwar Al-Ghassani sobre la poesía - 9 de abril 2009 (entrevistado por Cristina Izquierdo Flores)  
  La promoción de poesía en la Web- Promoting Poetry in The Web), ponencia presentada en las Jornadas de Investigación, ECCC, Universidad de Costa Rica, 2008

Workshop Reports

  Definition of Workshop Report 
  Workshop Report - 1
  Workshop Report - 2  
  Workshop Report - 3
  Workshop Report - 4 pad
  Workshop Report - 5


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