This section is about my friends. I am a lucky person. I have many great friends for whom I am for ever grateful for their love, support, appreciation and all what they gave and still give me, and what they give me is an unimaginable wealth.
Time limits and availability of data and information about my friends may limit my ability to include them all here, yet I will try my best. What you see here is only the start. This will become a very crowded place.

Sonja Brie (Journalist & Teacher)
Mouayad Al-Rawi (Poet, painter, journalist)
Rachid Ouhti (Poet, teacher)
Sadradeen Ameen (Painter)
Sinan Antoon (Poet, novelist)

Rachid OUHTI: Anthology of Modern Iraqi Poetry  Rachid OUHTI
 Anthology of Iraqi
 Modern Poetry
See sample with poem  by Al-Ghassani

 Visit OUHTI's page
 on this site.

Sonja Brie - click to enlarge  At the Workshop:
 Sonja Brie - Portrait
 Of A Great Woman


Iraqi poet Mouayad Al-Rawi  Mouayad Al-Rawi
 The First Place  (Arabic)