Chronicle of my workshop, of my poetic, artistic and academic production, activities, thoughts, ideas, joys, interests, worries and difficulties; if not daily, then every now and then. They reflect my most fresh and up-to-date self. In one word, they are significant and may even be interesting.
You will find a mix of languages in this section. Daily, I deal with and use several languages. There is no time for translating. I will write an entry in the language at my reach at the moment of writing.
I also have a blog you may want to read.

My diaries here and on my blog are always incomplete. I mean, I lack time to upload all my daily writings. I often go back to previous months and add an entry here and another there in a permanent "futile" attempt to complete, close gaps and add what already exists in my compuer but not yet uploaded. So, please visit this section and my blog often to read new entries. Thank you.

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